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PEACE India's Partner Network comprises of its more than 30+ Authorized Training Institutes in Nashik dist. These Institutes has been established for small and medium IT entrepreneurs and educational enterprises spread over all areas of the state of Maharashtra. This has emerged as largest network of Accounting Training Centers in Maharashtra state.

To be the single source for quality assurance in computer education among the nation's formal & non-formal institutes, after turning out competent IT professionals in large numbers, PEACE India's reach is now being extended to all regions of the state

PEACE India Organization: To be leader in the development of industry oriented and job oriented quality Education and training and be the state's premier Institution for examination and certification in the field of It industry.

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There are different career paths that can lead to becoming a Professional accountant, but all of them require high levels of technical education.

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An auditor is primarily responsible for examining and preparing an organization‟s financial records. This includes ensuring that all relevant taxes, payments, and employee payrolls are paid. According to the Indian auditors are only required to earn a bachelor‟s degree, but many professionals elect to earn specific certifications. Such certification works to increase the credibility of an accountant, is a sign of advanced professional knowledge, and shows a higherlevel commitment to the industry as a whole. Recently in the industry report, states that “technical skills remain absolutely necessary, but they are no longer sufficient on their own. The most effective „internal auditor of the future‟ possesses a broad range of non-technical attributes in addition to deep technical expertise.” that‟s why, you need to learn accounting with technical skill As follows 1. Win-10 & MS-Office 2. Advance Industrial Excel 3. Tally with GST 4. Share Marketing - 5. Cyber law and ethics 6. Income Tax 7. Advance Taxation 8. Personality Development .

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CPA certification is a mark of distinction, meaning certified professional accountants are viewed as having the highest level of knowledge and competence in the accounting field. The roles that professional accountants play in ensuring an organization‟s financial stability cannot be overemphasized. Accountants create and maintain various systems for recording and reporting finances, as well as explaining and verifying their accounting facts and figures. The benefits of accounting to the financial health of a company or organization stems from the accountants‟ ability to craft a numerical snapshot of an entity‟s current standing, and predict with professional insight what‟s to come financially in the short and long term. The information collected and analyzed by accountants provides indispensable information about a company‟s financial status, helping to identify strengths, address weaknesses, and provide information that helps determine an organization‟s success or failure. For those who think crunching numbers, predicting financial outcomes, and creating business plans sounds like a rewarding and interesting career, there are several accounting-related positions to explore. These included a certified public accountant (CPA), auditor, and accounting manager. Each of these careers has unique work, education, and licensing requirements — all of which can be gained during pursuit by an advanced education in Information Technology.

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There are different career paths that can lead to becoming a Professional accountant, but all of them require high levels of technical education. A bachelor‟s degree in finance or accounting is necessary, and a master‟s degree is required for many management positions. Accountant is generally responsible for a team of accountants, and report to a company‟s chief financial officer or controller. Typical duties of an accounting manager include: Preparing and reviewing ledgers and reconciliations, Maintaining the general ledger, Preparing financial statements, Assisting with regulatory reporting, Researching accounting issues for compliance with generally accepted accounting principles, Overseeing the budgeting process and Hiring, training, and supervising accounting staff, While each of the three careers examined in this article have their own set of skills and job requirements, many of the same themes can be seen in all three. Earning a master‟s degree in accounting helps with developing interpersonal and leadership skills, building communication skills, and improving analytical thinking and problem solving — all abilities that employers value. Whether you choose to become a professional accountant? The benefits of CPA course can serve to increase employability and expand opportunities in your career. A complete and accurate accounting system — driven by a knowledgeable accounting professional — is crucial for any business or nonprofit entity that wants to provide value. Organizations must have a clear picture of their fiscal health and financial dealings. They must be able to react to changing market dynamics, tax laws, and financial regulations. They must have the information to make smart financial decisions that work to ensure operational success. A trained accounting professional can play a central role in all of these areas — and beyond.


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